December 6, 2016

Jonny and Emma : Engaged | Columbus Indiana Photographer

You just saw their sweet proposal a little while ago, now it's engagement session time!
There's this property I've been driving past for the last eight years, always hoping that someday I could shoot there.
Well, it turns out it's also Emma's favorite piece of property in the area and Jonny just happens to know the owner really well!
Dreams do come true, haha!
I think they also got the warmest and only sunny day this week!
Jonny remembers meeting Emma back when they were 7 and 9.  They grew up fairly close to each other in the beautiful woods of Brown County, Indiana.
They'd hang out as families, help each other out when needed, and then started going to the same church many years later.
Always friends but never anything more.
Finally, the time came for Emma to leave for an extended period of time to go do some ministry.
As she was preparing to leave Jonny was realizing that maybe he really liked 'Miss Emma' more than just a friend.
The gravity of her not living close and seeing her often was setting in.
Well long story short, he didn't sit around and let her leave forever. He pursued her, won her heart, and now their getting married!

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November 22, 2016

Jonny and Emma : Proposal | Brown County Indiana Photographer

It doesn't matter how many times I get asked to shoot a proposal, it still gives me crazy butterflies inside!
Jonny was the first member of my husband's family that I ever met. He was a cute little 9 year old telling me jokes about chickens, and I thought he was adorable. 
Speed up many years and he's now my handsome, talented, hardworking, capable, caring, brother-in-law.
He let me in on his secret proposal plan a few weeks ago because he knew that getting pictures of the event was something he wanted.
We got to his house early so we could pick the perfect spot on the mile long driveway.
We cleared leaves off the ground so we could hide quieter, we moved branches (and dead trees) around to add more hiding coverage or to clear the shot, and then we hid and waited for Emma to show up for their weekly walk on the driveway.
They finally walked into position and it was perfect. She was surprised, she said yes, the ring was exactly right, and a simple walk turned into one of the happiest moments ever.
I can't remember when I actually met Emma but it's been a few years now. 
A few years ago we ended up going to the same church and it's been great getting to know her better through that, and this last year she was our primary babysitter for our wedding weekends. My boys are excited that their babysitter is going to be their Aunt!
We're glad she agreed to be a part of the family even knowing she'll be stuck with us forever now! (Just kidding.)
We are very happy for Jonny and Emma and know they will make a great team and wonderful couple!

 photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-4293_zpscpl0dgxu.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-4296_zpsyimxu2cs.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-4307_zpslstuouw3.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-4311_zpsvgomalkn.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-4322_zpsukio0x4x.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-8379_zpsicqkbkzo.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-4341_zpsdnuqmxoe.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-4371_zpsieu3ydxt.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-4378_zpszptbiznh.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-4420_zpstgykvbjs.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-4408_zpsnvjkdjve.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-4376_zpsd1pcsa5q.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-4427_zps0lacebxg.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-4391_zpsrgjmxnvx.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-4452_zpsdeckqwwx.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-4471_zpsudjiroe1.jpg

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