March 11, 2010

Brand spankin' new

Da tada daaaaa!
Behold, a brand spankin' new header and signature!
The snow is melting around here and it's "kinda" looking like spring, so that means...
Spring+new+fresh+snow melting+weather getting warmer+ awesome designer person
= time for new stuff.
After much collaboration and deliberation,
I am very happy to show you all my new signature.
I love designing things..pretty much any things
but designing your own hard, a lot harder than you would think it should be.
So I called in another creative mind to help me in my definition. 

Thanks for all your interest in the internships
As I book more weddings, I add more states to my itinerary for this year
so for those of you who can't afford to travel to Chicago
your chances of me coming to your area
are getting higher and higher.
May you have a happy Thursday!

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  1. WHOA, AWESOME! i love it, evy!! =D

  2. your signature is awesome! and Jimmy and I made it into your header! haha...very nice.

  3. Looks great Evy!

    Bet that new header was fun to make ;)

  4. Mindy is amazing when it comes to designing! Great logo, Evy!

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