December 6, 2010

{Joe and Tiffany} Wedding

-Tiffany-Joe-Fall-Wedding-Love-Happiness all around-
I can't remember not knowing Tiffany.
Our families have been friends for years and I'm so blessed that that's true.
One day Tiffany got a job in WI and I had a good feeling about this new adventure.
It was my secret hope that she would meet a nice guy up there and that they would get married.
Welllll, let's just say....I got my wish.
I was very happy to shoot their beautiful fall wedding with my awesome husband
and I pray Joe and Tiffany will have many very wonderful years together.
So without further ado,
{Joe and Tiffany}

I love this family!

"I ran out of flowers!"

I have tons of fun memories with these girls.

I hope you're all having a great December so far!
My yard is covered in snow, the house is warm and cozy, I have Christmas music on and I found out that I enjoy Egg Nog more than I remembered.
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  1. They're beautiful! You guys did such an amazing job (of course)! Thanks SO much! Shelby

  2. wooooow! This is one of your best yet! beautiful! :) the cloud cover made the lighting PERFECT! such rich colors!

  3. Beautiful, as always, Evy!! I love the one of the sisters together; what beautiful girls they are.
    And the one of the little boy is hilarious =P
    She had a really pretty dress; I like it!

  4. Beautiful work, Evy, as usual. :)


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  6. We love the pictures! I'm so glad we had you shoot our wedding! Love you, friend!

  7. Fantastic really captured the day! I was re-living it. :) Great work!


  8. Beautiful pics! Thanks a million Evy and Tim! <3


  9. 10 KISSING PICS??? Enough already! :P

  10. Excellent vork, dear sister. =)


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