May 11, 2011

Taylor : Class of '11

 Here is beautiful, fun, sweet, caring, brave and so many other things, Taylor.
I guess the first time Taylor saw me was while I was shooting a wedding for her friend, but I didn't meet her till a couple months later while I was at starbucks one day.
I was very happy to hear that she lived pretty close to me, she seemed like a really sweet person and I was hoping I could get to know her better.
Well, I got my wish when her mother nominated her for my photography contest a little while back.
Turns out she won and that she was going to get a free senior portrait session at one of my workshops.
So anyways, the workshop went awesome and then Taylor showed up at the end for her shoot.
We had a great time shooting with her!
She's just so fun and easy to be around, you can't help but have a great time.
Here are a few of the shots I got from the evening.
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  1. Awww... Thank you, sweet friend! The pictures are soo beautiful- I love them! You are too kind. <3

  2. Taylor is so pretty!! She looks so sweet in the pictures. You did a great job!!


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