June 20, 2011

My Worst Engagement Session Ever

Ok, first off, this is very unorthodox of me,
I normally would never write a blog post complaining about my clients!
{I love all of my clients...except these two.}
Disclaimer aside, here's the story.
When I was over in Puerto Rico my husband and I were on a engagement shoot with this couple
{who will remain nameless}
and this couple would just NOT cooperate.
Seriously, they wouldn't even stay in one spot let alone smile or do what I was kindly instructing them to do.
They just ran away from Tim, me, and each other for that matter, the whole entire shoot.
Clearly they had some big issues they needed to resolve.
They literally were either hiding their face from us or running the opposite direction.
Despite it dropping my self-confidence as a photographer down about eight notches, I'm glad I can look back on it as a learning experience now.
I'm very happy to say that since then they have gotten counseling and have a great marriage.
They were so kind as to give us permission to show this video of their shoot.
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  1. Hahahaha! I was not expecting that! That was cute :)

  2. hehe -- you're getting really good at this. ;)
    Very cute!

  3. that was hysterical. I love the way you set it up.

  4. At first, as I was reading your post,I thought, "Man, that's sad".

    Then I started watching your video.

    Need I say I cracked up? :)

    Love it...


  5. Why am I even surprised?? ;)

  6. O! SO funny!!

    You set up the scenario perfectly :)

    Looking forward to photos of your 'little person'!


    (I am a photo-friend of Jessica Shae)

  7. Oh my goodness,haha! This made me laugh :-)


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