July 23, 2012

Gen and Kevin: Wedding Teaser | Crystal Lake Michigan

Oh man, I am so excited to show you this teaser for one of our recent weddings my husband and I did video for!
Gen and Kevin had one of the most beautiful, sweet, incredible weddings I've ever seen!
This is just a teaser for the full trailer, and wedding video we did for them.

Schuler-Bishop Wedding Teaser from Tim Porter on Vimeo.
Think it looks like the coolest wedding ever? Well you're right.
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  1. That sealed it. If y'all would ever like to come to the Mississippi coast to shoot/video a wedding, I'd love to have ya! Might be a while, though. :) You did a beautiful job!!

  2. Ok, Bekah, just tell us when! ;)

  3. Wow! this was was gorgeous! Beautiful job :) Love the kiss and sunlight at the end ;) *sigh*

  4. No you rock, and you know it! ;]

  5. Beautiful! What kind of camera do you use for video?


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