August 13, 2012

Baby Grayson | Bluffton IN Baby Photographer

It is a very rare case in which I'll do baby portraits. 
Of course I do them for my family, but the only other time I really do them is for very close friends, one of my past brides or if someone appeals. 
In Grayson's case his mommy is a close friend, annnd one of my very first brides. Besides the fact that once you see this little guy you can't help but take pictures of him.

His mommy has her own hat business and does a fab job! Go check out her Etsy shop if you want the baby in your life to sport one of her adorable hats.

The whole fam.

Evin thinks Grayson will be a good friend.
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  1. Two entirely too cute little boys! Miss you all tremendously. <3

  2. Beautiful pictures! LOL I Love the rabbit picture. Its such an amazing thing to go from "a couple" to "a family". Such precious moments you captured Evy. Sheri, you are gorgeous!


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