September 16, 2013

Stephanie : Bridals | Wheaton IL Wedding Photographer

It's an awesome thing to collaborate with a talented florist, fantastic seamstress, and a beautiful girl.
And the light, it was perfect. Being a photographer in the Midwest has it's challenges, like you never know if the weather will cooperate, or if you'll get that dreamy sunset you were hoping for. Well I was hoping and waddaya know, dreamy as can be.
This bridal shoot was designed to showcase a custom made gown by 'Hands to the Wheel'.
Isn't the dress just lovely?
(And brides this exact dress happens to be for sale! email for more particulars.)
Stephanie you were totally great to work with, and thanks for wearing your perfect lace TOMS!
I can't say I'm not jealous, they've been on my wish list for awhile now.

 photo evangeline-renee-photo-bride-oak-brook-0034_zpse2dbe071.jpg
Bohemian Bride
 Boho Bride
 photo evangeline-renee-photo-bride-oak-brook-0054_zpsb578375f.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-bride-oak-brook-9956_zps3c16b475.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-bride-oak-brook-0284_zpsb27684af.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-bride-oak-brook-9981_zps048bee10.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-bride-oak-brook-9915_zps998de1c2.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-bride-oak-brook-9989_zps5418d40b.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-bride-oak-brook-9974_zps4ff266da.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-bride-oak-brook-0152_zps8049e9c1.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-bride-oak-brook-0386_zpsa25edd92.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-bride-oak-brook-3_zpsf1464fc6.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-bride-oak-brook-0406_zps936046fa.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-bride-oak-brook-9931_zps3ae1d56b.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-bride-oak-brook-9965_zpsddb06df7.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-bride-oak-brook-9948_zps4194f75d.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-bride-oak-brook-9837_zpsae64666a.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-bride-oak-brook-9825_zpsa6efc5bc.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-bride-oak-brook-0442_zpsbd80a1cf.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-bride-oak-brook-0075_zpse9b64bc3.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-bride-oak-brook-0067_zps2cc7e19a.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-bride-oak-brook-9891_zps1f4a4419.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-bride-oak-brook-1_zpse3c1061f.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-bride-oak-brook-0400_zpsbe14c001.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-bride-oak-brook-0279_zpse699a478.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-bride-oak-brook-2_zps2a872030.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-bride-oak-brook-0358_zpsd235f2d4.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-bride-oak-brook-0042_zps68504c1b.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-bride-oak-brook-0125_zps074650d6.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-bride-oak-brook-0330_zps7297ff5b.jpg

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  1. Mmmm, dreamy! These are simply lovely!

  2. Wow, these are perfect! I SO, SO wish I knew about Lemondrop Designery before I got married!!

  3. And you can add "absolutely amazing photographer" to the list of a talented florist, beautiful girl, and a fantastic seamstress. =) Love the dreamy lighting in these pictures - such a gorgeous session! Miss you, friend, and hope your family is doing well. <3

  4. Gorgeous, Gorgeous, GORGEOUS photos!
    I always love seeing your work. :)

  5. These are gorgeous! You'd never know how hot it was that day. :)


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