October 11, 2013

What to Wear : Fall 2013

In my day to day life I hear a lot of people saying they don't know what to wear on photoshoots.
Do we match or just coordinate, all black, all white...? While everyone has their own style, I prefer it when people coordinate. The colors and textures they're wearing should complement everyone else in the photo.
So just for fun I put together a few engagement shoot style collages for you. I just picked some colors that are really in right now. I know none of you stylish people actually need help with your outfits, I just thought it'd be fun to play around with a few color palettes. Just for some inspiration.
If anyone finds this helpful I'll do more of these kind of posts.

Here's the site I made the collages on. It's fun to play around!

Engagement 1

Engagement 2

Engagement 4

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  1. {LOVE} these examples, Evy! I think the second one is my favorite - love the coordinating colors in the details. Blessings! =)


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