April 25, 2014

Easter Brunch : Styled Shoot | Hinsdale Wedding Photographer

Here's a little pretty for you to enjoy today.
I love it when I can collaborate with great professionals like Laura at Lemondrop Designery.
She does such a great job, and this shoot was no exception.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter. I know I did!

This week is totally the 'calm before the storm'. I can't, can't wait for all the amazing couples that are getting married in May!

 photo bridal-boquet-oak-brook-0678_zps9f333df0.jpg  photo bridal-boquet-oak-brook-0515_zps55a73896.jpg  photo bridal-boquet-oak-brook-0685_zpse02067ce.jpg  photo bridal-boquet-oak-brook-0653_zpsa81f86d9.jpg  photo bridal-boquet-oak-brook-0534_zpsae55acfe.jpg  photo bridal-boquet-oak-brook-0612_zps8db0c7fb.jpg  photo bridal-boquet-oak-brook-ps0746_zps7a4e4d03.jpg  photo bridal-boquet-oak-brook-0715_zps96e08aad.jpg  photo bridal-boquet-oak-brook-0602_zps50922284.jpg  photo bridal-boquet-oak-brook-0649_zps9d891e4b.jpg  photo bridal-boquet-oak-brook-0607_zpscc5f2559.jpg  photo bridal-boquet-oak-brook-0672_zps32279955.jpg  photo bridal-boquet-oak-brook-0588_zps0ae01483.jpg  photo bridal-boquet-oak-brook-0576_zpsbb15b63d.jpg  photo bridal-boquet-oak-brook-0587_zpscff80ec9.jpg

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  1. Beautiful, as usual! And the flowers are fabulous! I love the use of the Nodding Whites (Gooseneck Loostrife). It's a favorite of mine.


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