November 8, 2014

Daniel and Michelle : Sneak Peek | California Wedding Photographer

Can't say how much I loved shooting this beautiful wedding today!
These two are such great people, and perfect together.
More to come!

 photo daniel-michelle-wedding-evangeline-renee-photo-55_zps11865ef9.jpg  photo daniel-michelle-wedding-evangeline-renee-photo-54_zpsf481ad39.jpg

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  1. Evie!
    It was SUCH a pleasure meeting you and Tim!
    Thank you for you incredible work ... your diligence, your patience, your gentleness ... you would be my top pick for photographers HANDS DOWN!
    I look forward to seeing the rest!
    Michelle Eastman (the coordinator)
    PS- Am I allowed to copy/paste one of these for my blog about the wedding?
    Not sure how copyright works with public photos nowadays. :o)

    1. Thanks for all your amazing work on Saturday! Aw, thank you, we'd love to come back sometime :) Go ahead and send me an email at and we can get some images for you :)

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