January 10, 2017

Matt and Jeanette : Engaged | Brown County Engagement Photographer

Here it is, the first engagement shoot of the new year!
(The one I thought I was falling twenty feet into the creek but didn't.)
I think we successfully chose the coldest day of January to do this shoot.
But as you can see they were great sports and make cold look romantic.
I had a great time shooting with these two.
Matt has been my husband's lifelong friend, and his sister is one of my best friends. And you might recognize the lovely Jeanette as a sister/bridesmaid from Sherry and Nathaniel's wedding last year.
I gotta say I'm pretty happy for these two, I think they complement each other so well and I'm excited for their wedding in the Summer!

 photo Matt-Jeanette-Engagement-4461 copy_zpsimharqpt.jpg  photo brown-county-photo-4495_zps6qazxdah.jpg  photo brown-county-photo-4585_zps93epwjel.jpg  photo brown-county-photo-4441_zps7fm5yprx.jpg  photo brown-county-photo-4543_zpsesbhelw7.jpg  photo Matt-Jeanette-Engagement-4474 copy_zpsdbmaetlh.jpg  photo brown-county-photo-4512_zpsdcfzp8ra.jpg  photo brown-county-photo-4635_zpsovkxgi0c.jpg  photo Matt-Jeanette-Engagement-4562 copy_zpsjphbfv9c.jpg  photo brown-county-photo-4445_zpsxjkzic2o.jpg  photo brown-county-photo-4551_zpsa4lx9zj3.jpg  photo Matt-Jeanette-Engagement-4477 copy_zps9y4o3hsd.jpg  photo brown-county-photo-4651_zpsrwnmvllp.jpg  photo brown-county-photo-4542_zpspxzmlunb.jpg

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  1. SO beautiful. I love the snowflakes, too. :)

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