About Me

1. The beach is my favorite place to be...period.
2. I'm always in the mood for Chinese food, just ask my friends. They don't ask me where I want to eat,
they already know what I'm going to say.
3. I'm pretty much a sucker for anything aqua/turquoise, throw in a little vintage and I'm helpless. I also like cooking.
4. Of course my Canon 5d mark II is what I use to pursue my dream job and passion. His name is Preston.
5. I think bamboo is the coolest thing since well...bamboo.
I have a bamboo can opener, a bamboo cutting board, bamboo chopsticks, you get the picture.
I'm still on the look out for my bamboo bed sheets I want and maybe bamboo floors someday.
Oh whatever, just give me a whole bamboo house.
6. I'll admit it, I was pretty happy when plaid came back into style. Oh and by the way, blue plaid pjs give you a better sleep experience.
7. Water fascinates me. You need it to live but you'll die if you get too much, not to mention there is a whole beautiful world that lives in it.
It can be a gas, liquid and solid. It's just awesome!
I am currently drinking out of my snazzy glass Voss bottle that I like very much.
8. I really enjoy sports. Volleyball and Ultimate Frisbee being my favorites.
9. Yes, I like coffee. I especially enjoy my husbands caramely creations.
10. Music has always been a big part of my life. I sing and play four instruments but I think guitar will always be my favorite.
11. I've tried to wear short earrings, I really have, but I always come back to my dangles.
12. I was trying to figure out what type of clothing to put on this page, so after thinking about it awhile I decide that most of the time I do lean towards solid colors because I like being able to dress them up or down. And they're work well with exciting, charismatic type accessories, fun layering, and say oh,
dangley earrings.
13. I have an appreciation for staying fit and taking care of my body so I tend to eat healthier and keep up with my exercise.

So these are just merely things I enjoy and appreciate, the real passion of my life are relationships.
My relationship with my Lord, my husband, my family and friends.
These are the things that matter the most in life and I wouldn't trade them for anything.   
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