Newly Engaged

First off, congrats on your engagement! And welcome to an extremely fun time of your life.
You've chosen the one your heart wants to spend the rest of it's life with. 

Now on to wedding details!
I was a bride not that long ago, and I know there is so much to think about!
Dress, venue, cake, music, invites, photographer, videographer, and shoes!
It's such a big job! I'm writing this in hopes of helping you decide on one aspect of your day. And that would be photography. 
I believe it's very important to be comfortable with your photographer. After all, in reality he/she will be with you more than any other person on your wedding day. They will get there first, be with you all day and leave last. Hence I say you should be comfortable being around your photographer.
You want to make sure you can be real and have fun with whoever you choose to document this day.

There are thousands of photographers, how do you choose the right one?

If you like my pictures and the way I capture life, we might be a good fit.

If you've also worked hard to make all the details of your wedding unique and beautiful, and believe it's important to document them, we are most likely a great fit.

Plus if you're totally in love, and care about quality images that capture the essence of you as a couple, then I can't wait to hear from you!

A good photographer can make anything look better, but a bad photographer can make the beautiful, ugly.
You are spending so much time and energy to make your wedding day beautiful, make sure you get a photographer that can capture it all and not diminish it's beauty.

What lasts after your wedding day?
Love, commitment, and pictures.

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